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Our Story

The simple beauty of the open road is often hard to improve upon.

Autio is a network of stories, told by master storytellers like Kevin Costner, Phil Jackson, and John Lithgow, with the power to bring the landscape, its people, and its history alive as you pass through it.

Professionally edited and narrated, the audio vignettes combine to paint a picture you’re unlikely to get from a history book or visitor’s guide.

Nearby stories automatically play at the perfect time to answer the questions we all wonder as the odometer turns:

“I wonder how this town came to be?”

“Who was that mountain peak named after?”

“Who were the first people to live in this area?”

Each pin offers an answer, and often to a question one doesn’t think to ask. Story subjects include history, sports, culture, music, geology, pretty much everything you can think of. Listen to the places, people and events you’re seeing out your window. Educational? Sure. Entertaining? Absolutely.

But, really. Why?

An Invitation To Discover

Humans are moved by stories.

Stories that make us laugh and cry. That move us to come together and do amazing things. Since the dawn of time, stories have been the way in which values and knowledge are passed from one generation to the next — each adding their wisdom and experience along the way.

It’s time to connect with the sum of our experience, to enrich our lives with the stories of today, and to inspire the great storytellers yet to come.

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