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How does Autio work?

Autio uses your location to notify you of nearby audio stories. Once you begin playing stories, Autio will continue playing nearby stories as your location changes. Stories are typically 3-5 minutes long. Here’s a video with more detail on using the Autio App.

Are there stories near me?

Yes! Autio’s library includes thousands of stories across the US, covering all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Is there an offline mode?

Users can download stories while on WiFi or via cellular ahead of a low-service area and listen to these stories later without a data connection.

Is Autio just for road trips?

While Autio was originally created for road trips, our users love to browse stories ahead of a trip to get inspired, listen to stories while doing errands around town or chores at home, as well as tune in while traveling by air or rail.

How diverse is Autio’s story library?

Autio’s library of stories celebrates every voice & perspective. Rooted in curiosity, our love of storytelling embraces the diversity of cultures, people, and places you discover along your travels. We strive for a storytelling culture anchored in truth, politically unbiased, and welcoming of every walk of life; including all ethnic, gender, orientation, cultural, and religious identities. Being able to respect the authentic story of another gives you the space and freedom to tell your own.

Does Autio share my location data?

No, Autio does not share any location data. Our paid memberships ensure that no advertisers have access to your location and Autio does not share this data with third parties.

What languages and countries does Autio serve?

Autio is currently available in English. While the Autio App is available for download globally, stories are currently available only in the United States.

How often are new stories added?

Stories are updated and added every week, so no two journeys are ever the same!