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7 East Coast Road Trip Stops to Check Out

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7 East Coast Road Trip Stops to Check Out

05 January 2022



The East Coast is an extremely beautiful and diverse region of America. This history-packed region contains everything from towns older than the US itself to the ever-modern New York City skyline. The East Coast offers locations that rarely see a day above 60 degrees and sunny, beach locales that seldom see a cloud — with that diversity comes great beauty! 

There are 14 states along the Atlantic that make up the East Coast and within each of those states, there are thousands of sites to see. From beach towns to mountain trails, dazzling streets down vibrant cities, and tucked away small-town hole-in-the-walls, there are an overwhelming number of locations to choose from. 

It’s easy to see why you’ve decided on an East Coast road trip route for your next adventure. Now that you have a general idea of where you’re going, it’s time to decide where to explore at each stop! 

Of course, you want to make sure that you hit all the must-sees. To ensure you get the most out of your trip, look no further than these seven East Coast road trip stops to check out. 

The Sunshine State

The beautiful state of Florida has so much to offer in beaches, history, and picture-perfect weather. Miami, Florida is a vibrant town with so much to experience, including Versace’s historical mansion, colorful bars, and beautiful beaches. Although it’s in the United States, Miami feels like a tropical island getaway.

Providing a slower pace than Miami, St. Augustine is another sunny stop to consider. Take a walk down St. George street for food and fun. Next, walk right into the historical district of the city, home to the state’s oldest house and oldest wooden schoolhouse. 

St. Augustine also has beautiful golf courses and the World Golf Hall of Fame for those who dream of wearing a green jacket. 

Georgia on My Mind

Welcoming you with charming southern hospitality, Savannah, Georgia is sweeter than a homemade peach pie. You’ll find you can’t walk through the historical streets of Savannah’s downtown for long before being tempted to stop into a candy store to buy some delicious praline pecans. 

If sweet isn’t quite your thing, consider the scarier side of Savannah, known as the most haunted town in America. Embark on a ghost tour to take you through bone-chilling sites and learn stories of Savannah’s morbid history.

Sweet Carolinas

Famous long before Netflix created a show surrounding teens hunting for treasure on its popular beaches, the Outer Banks has been a beach town getaway that should be on anyone’s list to visit. 

Home to North Carolina’s most beautiful lighthouses and beaches, the OBX is a great place to slow your pace and relax during your East Coast road trip. Consider horseback riding on Hatteras Island or visit the site where the Wright brothers took their first powered flight.

Virginia Is for Lovers

Williamsburg, Virginia is a charming historic colonial town that will transport you back to the earliest days of the United States. Tours of the historic buildings, colonial concerts, shops with historical toys, carriage rides around the town, and authentic colonial food are amongst the many themed activities you can look forward to while spending the day exploring this early town. 

Pick up the pace after strolling through Williamsburg and spend a day at Busch Garden’s amusement park. Ride roller coasters, play games, and eat foods based on European culture! Almost every season has a theme, so whether you’re in town for Christmas, Mardi Gras, Halloween, or St. Patty’s Day, you know you can expect a good time.

Small States and Small Town Beaches

Up the coasts of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey are small beach towns full of quaint ice cream shops, saltwater taffy stores, dive bars, and more. Still, the best part of these beach towns has to be their boardwalks, with malt vinegar french fries and beach snacks abounding. 

These boardwalks usually always have carnival rides, haunted mansions, and games with stuffed animal prizes. The best part is that it’s all right on the water! Some great towns to include on your route are Ocean City in Maryland, Cape May in New Jersey, and Rehoboth in Delaware. 

New York, New York

New York City is definitely a place you will want to stop on your East Coast adventure. One of the best-known cities in the world, NYC is your one-stop-shop for everything cool. 

Try your luck at a Broadway lottery to see a hit Broadway play or musical for cheap, spring for stellar seats at a Madison Square Garden concert, or feel like a local at a small show at Brooklyn Steel. The entertainment in New York is unmatched, no matter your vibe. 

Find yourself dining on a rooftop overlooking the city or underground in a speakeasy that you need a code word to enter. Stroll through Central Park, or take a ferry out to see Lady Liberty. Whatever you do in New York, you will be sure to get plenty of steps in before getting back in your car to go to your next destination. 

Wicked Stops in New England

Nestled in the northeastern corner of the country, a road trip through New England has so much to offer in culture, food, and history to the road trip traveler. 


Litchfield Hills, Connecticut is a quaint place to stop for some fresh air and explore nature on your trip. With the waterfalls and forests in Kent State Park, you will be happy you stopped to stretch your legs. Pack a picnic or your fishing rod, and take in the beauty of Connecticut. 

Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island is one of many gorgeous towns located in this small state with more than 400 miles of coastline. However, the sea isn’t the only glamorous attraction in this state. The Gilded Age was a time when America’s wealthiest families called the “City by the Sea” home for the summer — and some of them still do (we’re looking at you, Taylor Swift). With more than a dozen restored mansions to explore, there is so much culture to enjoy!


It’s a wicked smaht idea to make a stop in Boston when driving through Massachusetts. Get a dose of rebellious American history by visiting the Boston Tea Party Museum to learn about how the revolution began. 

Looking for a more upscale or laidback day in Mass? Take a ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard! Start your day by whale watching then visit some lighthouses, and end your day eating clams and wine for a classic Martha’s Vineyard getaway. 

New Hampshire

Although a beautiful place to visit all year long, New Hampshire has so much to offer in the winter as far as fun and unique activities go! For example, the award-winning ice castles created by artists using icicles and LED lights to create sculptures, thrones, tunnels, slides, and more to explore.  


The first thing that often comes to mind when you think New England is lobster. Within New England, Maine is probably the winner when it comes to the best state for lobster… but what about the best spot in Main for a lobster roll? There are so many spots that claim to have the “best”, but you’ll have to be your own judge by experiencing some of these boastful restaurants. 

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It’s easy to see, with all these amazing destinations to offer, why your East Coast road trip is a great idea for your next adventure. Now that you have a guide to all the greatest stops to check out on your route, it’s time to hit the road!

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