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Indigenous Stories

Curated Stories / The Autio Team

Indigenous Stories

06 October 2022

As Co-Founder Kevin Costner has said from Autio’s inception, you cannot tell the story of America without beginning with the stories of the First Peoples. Here’s just a small selection of stories from tribes all across the US. Listen to inspiring legends of thunder gods, sobering massacres, and often overlooked history that all have the power to inform our perspectives today.

Indigenous Stories

The Rainbow Bridge

Ages ago, the Chumash lived only on the islands off the coast of what we now call California. This legend of The Rainbow Bridge, tells the tale of their journey to the mainland in search of food and space for their growing community, guided by the spirit of the Earth, Kaka Nukmawa.

Listen here — The Rainbow Bridge 🔊

The First Boots

Created in partnership with The Tipi Raisers

In the story titled “The First Boots,” Reuben Fast Horse talks about how life for the Indigenous Peoples’ forever changed the day the first boots of non-native people set foot in North America. It’s a positive story that, although it hasn’t always been perfect (or even good), there are many instances where the non-native and native people helped each other out.

Listen here — The First Boots 🔊

The Great Thunderbird

With variations between different Native American tribes, this supernatural being, the enormous Thunderbird, symbolizes power, strength, and protection from evil spirits. Find out why the fearsome Thunderbird is definitely a spirit you’d want on your side.

Listen here — The Great Thunderbird 🔊

A Misnomer Names a State

When the first European explorers arrived in what is now Kansas, they met the Kaw Peoples. The Kaw have also been known by many other names including the “People of Water,” the “People of the South Wind,” and as the Cansez or Kansa. Their settlements would ultimately lead to the naming of a similar sound river and state.

Listen here — A Misnomer Names a State 🔊

Native American Medal of Honor Recipient

Created in partnership with The Tipi Raisers

Having served in WWII, Red Cloud, of the Ho-Chunk tribe of Wisconsin, would go on to become a legend in the US Army during the Korean War. His heroic acts helped save a US Post near North Korea, and countless lives.

Listen here — Native American Medal of Honor Recipient 🔊